Frequently Asked Question

Why can't I find a service provider around me?

Carpit has not expanded to your area yet. You may extend your search by more than 20km for the nearest available Carpit Service Provider.

Do all service providers provide pick up and return service?

Yes, all service providers will pick up your car at the agreed location and return your car again after the service. They will take the best care to ensure your car is returned in its original condition.

What if my car is damaged by the service provider?

The service provider takes notes of damages or scratches before receiving your keys. If there are damages caused by the service provider, please file a complaint through the app and we will resolve it for you.

Can I make changes to the products after I have ordered?

Yes you may make changes until your car is picked up. After your car is picked up, only the service provider can send you variation orders if needed.

What is a variation order?

The service provider will make professional recommendations for additional services that your car requires. Some of the variation order is compulsory. If you do not agree to the variation order, your car will be returned to you with only a service charge.

How do I make payment?

Payment will be made directly with the Apps and credit card to be deducted through their saved profile at point of registration or point of order placement.

Why do I have to pay through the App?

Payment through the app will be covered by quality guarantee by Carpit and will offer a refund if there are problems in your service.

When do I get charged for the service?

Your credit card will be deducted after the service has been completed by the service provider.

What if the Shops ask for cash?

Shops are not allowed to ask for cash. Kindly inform us if Shops requested for cash directly from you.